Aerogel SIO2 Thermal Insulator Panel Felt

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Aerogel is a solid material with excellent heat insulation performance, with special microstructure such as high specific surface area, nanoscale holes and low density. It is known as “the magic material that changes the world”, also known as “terminal heat preservation and insulation material”, and is the lightest solid material at present. Aerogel is a material with three-dimensional nanonetwork porous structure, which has low density, high specific surface area, high porosity, low dielectric constant, low thermal conductivity and other physical characteristics. It has a wide range of application prospects in heat preservation and insulation, fire retardant, sound insulation and noise reduction, optics, electricity and other fields.

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1. Adiabatic high temperature resistance
Low thermal conductivity, conventional product thermal conductivity 0.018~0.020 W/(m•K), the lowest to 0.014 W/(m•K), the temperature section is lower than peer products, the highest can withstand 1100℃ high temperature, heat preservation and insulation effect is 3-5 times of traditional materials, high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Waterproof and breathable
With excellent overall waterproof performance, hydrophobic rate ≥99%, isolation of liquid water, and allow water vapor through.

3. Fire and non-flammable
It has achieved the highest grade A1 in the building combustion grade standard and the highest grade A non-combustible in the automotive interior material combustion grade.

4. Safety and environmental protection
Products have passed RoHS, REACH detection, does not contain harmful substances to human body, soluble chloride content is very small.

5. Tensile and compressive resistance, convenient construction and transportation
Good flexibility and tensile/compressive strength, long-term use of no settlement, no deformation; Light and convenient, easy to cut, high construction efficiency, suitable for various complex shape requirements, low transportation cost.


In industrial field
The electric energy storage, petrochemical industry, industrial kilns and other industries which require piping insulation or furnace insulation parts are need to use high efficiency heat preservation material, aerogel insulation material can effectively reduce heat loss and save heat energy, improve the utilization efficiency of heat source, heat insulation effect is the traditional material 3 ~ 5 times, and longer life.

In industrial field

In the aerospace field
Aerogel thermal insulation material can be used as the thermal insulation material of aircraft cabin, which can enhance the thermal insulation effect, reduce the cabin temperature, effectively reduce the amount of thermal insulation material, increase the use space in the cabin, and effectively improve various working environments. Aerogel thermal insulation material can achieve better thermal insulation effect with lighter mass and smaller volume, which has great advantages in the field of aviation and aerospace applications.

In the field of construction,2

In the field of construction
With the continuous improvement of national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, and people's pursuit of quality of life, building insulation has gradually become a key topic in the field of construction. For a building, almost all parts, are involved in the need for thermal insulation, especially in the building wall insulation, roof floor insulation. Silica aerogel can withstand high temperature, generally at 800℃, its structure, performance has no obvious change, is a safe, energy saving, environmental protection of super insulation material.

In the field of construction,

In the field of transportation
The heat insulation performance of vehicle roof is one of the main factors affecting the heat transfer of vehicle body. It is of great significance for analyzing the energy consumption of vehicle operation, determining its air conditioning load, avoiding the occurrence of bad working conditions, and maintaining the comfortable thermal environment inside the vehicle. In the field of new energy vehicles, electric vehicle fire and explosion accidents caused by lithium ion battery "thermal runaway" have been reported frequently. How to effectively ensure the heat dissipation and safety of lithium battery has become the "sword of Damocles" hanging over the head of automobile factories and power battery enterprises. Nanoporous aerogel composite insulation materials have been applied to high-speed trains, the domestic C919 passenger plane, and new energy vehicles, mainly focusing on the heat insulation of transportation vehicles and the protection of lithium batteries in new energy vehicles.

In the field of transportation


According to the selection of different substrate, aerogel mat can choose different composite series according to different customer needs and scenarios. At present, there are mainly four series of glass fiber composite aerogels (HHA-GZ), preoxygenated wire fiber composite aerogels (HHA-YYZ), high silicon oxygen fiber composite aerogels (HHA-HGZ) and ceramic fiber composite aerogels (HHA-TCZ). The specification parameters are as follows:


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